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Smoking: A curse for mankind

Smoking can possibly be best reason for the development of any kind of disease in our body. Smoking has adversely affected the mankind. On an average smoking reduces your life span up to 10 years and may result in premature deaths. Smoking not always provides quick deaths as it works as a slow poison for the body in some cases it gets stuck up in the body for many years and eventually makes you sick and the leads you finally to disease and then gradually to death. One should stop smoking at the earliest possible time because it may affect very badly on once health. Let us see what are the things present in the small little cigarette that are capable of causing deaths.


A normal Cigarette has the following contents:

  1. Nicotine – it is a material that affects and damages the brain. By becoming a regular smoker or specifically a chain smoker may lead you to the following problems:
  2. Anxiety problems
  3. Lusting
  • Permanent Uneasiness
  1. Major headaches
  2. Irritation
  3. Increase in diet
  4. You will not be able to concentrate
  5. Restless
  1. Tar – it is a black thick material which slowly accumulates in the lungs by the smoke of the burning cigarette, which further is circulated all over the body by our heart causing various problems, malfunctioning of the organs or major diseases. Tar is a very poisonous substance which is deadly for our body. More over the smoke of the burning cigarette have about 4000+ chemicals from which more than 50 are the root cause for cancer.
  2. Carbon Mono Oxide- the deadly gas reduces the bloods oxygen carrying capacity and results in deficiency of oxygen in the body. It is very harmful for a pregnant lady as it makes it difficult for the baby to get sufficient amount of oxygen from the mother’s blood, and may result to a miscarriage of the baby.

Let us see some of the effects of smoking for a pregnant lady:

  1. Miscarriage of the baby.
  2. Premature birth.
  • Extensive bleeding.
  1. Under weighted babies which are more likely to get ill.
  2. By birth defects
  3. Poor growth of the baby which may result in sudden death within the time period of 1 week after the birth.

What happens when you quit smoking?

This is a very common question that a smoker has in his/her mind. They believe in the myth that nothing will change in their life whether they smoke or whether they leave smoking. It’s just a lame excuse to justify their addiction for smoking. If you leave smoking you will stop reducing your life span further and chances are always there to cover the damage done years back. Also the risk of getting ill or getting ended up in a major disease cut shorts and you will live your whole life span very easily and disease free when felt smoking. Smoking is really injurious to health; one should always keep in mind and leave this addiction forever.